Everything is Bigger in Texas-Except Tiny Houses.


via Daily Prompt: Tiny

By Tiffany Zoe


I was recently listening to a radio show that was talking about the tiny house movement coming to Alberta (Yes it is a real thing-and yes it makes me smirk) and the benefits it would have for our environment. Being the closeted hipster I am, I champion most things that have to do with the environment-I loved the environment before it was cool. OK that makes me a hypocrite of sorts considering I used to work in the oil and gas industry-but let’s ignore that for a moment and marvel at the environmentally-conscious and adorable idea of the tiny house and some things to consider.

To get a better idea of what the tiny house movement is all about, let’s visit the small town of Spur, Texas. In passing, you may not view Texas as being the most environmentally-friendly state due to the fact it’s also the capital of oil and gas. Spur’s population was declining, and in order to revive the town, they wanted to attract Eco-conscious and do-it-yourselfer types to build their tiny homes there. The town had eliminated all building restrictions, and even had an official proclamation that stated they wanted to be the first town to accept the cute little tiny houses that have been featured on shows such as HGTV’s  ‘Tiny House Hunters’. Enter: People ruining it for everybody.

Because there was no restrictions on what constitutes a ‘house,’ people were building their own houses that were not in fact tiny houses at all. They built yurts, (had to look that one up because that doesn’t sound like something a person could even live in just by the sound of the word alone) straw dwellings, and underground dugouts resembling something out of “Lord of the Rings.” Although I hate the idea of living in a dugout, I do love the idea of dressing up as Gandalf and saying, ‘You Shall Not Pass’ to a mail delivery guy.

I have so many questions-I’ll only leave a couple here. Where does one deliver the mail? I have this image of a beaver den in my mind, and people would have to crawl in to the center somehow to drop off your packages.

How could you set up WiFi in a straw dwelling? Electronic things can burn down a regular house, nevermind a house made of STRAW. (have we learned NOTHING from the Three Little Pigs?)

I digress. The tiny house movement (if they are indeed tiny houses) needs some bylaws attached to it to make it a decent idea. But would I choose to live in one? No. I require space in order to feel relaxed. Also I need other rooms to occasionally hide from door-to-door salesmen.

What are your thoughts on the tiny house movement? Is this something you would want in your city?

Huffing, puffing, and blowing your tiny house down,



Author: Tiffany Zoe


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