Death Cookie-The Life of Jack Chick


-Tiffany Zoe


Who doesn’t love cookies? Jack Chick.

He may well have liked chocolate chip and sugar cookies fine, but he despised a very specific type. (If you guessed oatmeal/raisin you’d be incorrect this time-but as an aside-WHY do people ruin perfectly good oatmeal cookies with stinkin raisins…I digress.)

The ‘cookie’ he was referring to was the Holy Eucharist: The divine body of Christ fully present in bread-known to Catholics as the Blessed Sacrament. The bread of life.

If Chick were on a lifestyle diet, it would be ‘catholic-intolerant.’ He wrote anti-catholic comics during the course of his life, but ‘Death Cookie’ in 1988 was one that garnered a lot of attention from Christians and non-Christians alike . As a fiery protestant, he sought to poke fun (read: lambaste) at the different teachings of the Catholic Church as well as other religions. His comics were banned in Canada and in other parts of the world due to violations of free speech.

I was notified of his passing from a Catholic radio channel I listen to. Senior Catholic apologist and evangelist, Jimmy Akin talked about Chick’s life and wished him sincere prayers after his passing in this article. I do not support Jack Chick’s views whatsoever, but like Jimmy, I have to learn to practice tolerance and try to see what I can learn from Jack’s life.

Being a fledgling Catholic unbaptized sinner myself at this time, I’m not allowed to partake in the eating of Jesus. I’m on the ‘No-Jesus’ diet until my baptism in April. I chronicle my journey to Catholic baptism in my other blog, ‘The Mass Diet’ if you’re curious.

As inflammatory as Chick was toward the Catholic Church, you can’t deny the guy had passion for truth his entire life. Truth ultimately being God.

Eating ALL the cookies,

Tiffany Zoe


Author: Tiffany Zoe


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