Scaling Mount Gainz


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”-Unknown

That quote is what you will see when you press the home button on my phone. It reminds me of the movie, ‘What About Bob?’where Bob learns how to take ‘baby steps’ to the elevator…’baby steps” to the bus…and so on and so forth. Fun Fact: That’s one of my top favorite movies because of the array of Richard Dreyfuss freakouts and ‘Death Therapy.’ I feel like I am Bob sometimes. I digress…

When it comes to being successful I think we have our own fantasies of what that actually looks like. For some it’s having a cottage at the lake. Some like to shop for lavish handbags from France and Italy. Some want to be the CEO of a crazy successful tech company. For others it’s a yacht cruise life in the Florida Keys-side note; I had to look up how to spell Yacht so I guess yacht life is not in my future.

Today we define success as how much we have. It is the sum of power, influence, and wealth that others have that reinforces ourselves that we never have enough. We will never get enough either. And someone will always have more than you. Unless you’re royalty or something (in which case I’m single and I have practiced my wave) you will always be trying to scale the mountain to get to the top where life is apparently easier, and you don’t have to worry so much. But do we really have what it takes to get to the top of Success Mountain?

I will be honest with you-and it’s kind of going to make me die a little on the inside to admit this. But last year, I actually bought this big white construction board thing that kids use at science fairs to display their projects, and I drew my own success mountain on it. I modeled it as closely as I could to Mount Everest and I actually did a pretty good job. I named my success mountain, ‘Mount Gainz’ (because I am all about the #gainz baby in any aspect of life…ugh I’m cringing at myself so hard it hurts-I wish you could see.) So at the top of this mountain I have everything that I currently want out of life. I cut my face out of a pic of me drunk at a seedy party somewhere and pinned it at the base of the mountain. Currently, I am still at base camp-seemingly not even gone that far. Maybe I should have drawn the mountain a bit smaller…

At a glance, you would think I haven’t made any progress just by looking at how far away my little avatar is from the top of the mountain. But if you could investigate, you would see that the small steps are being taken daily. Consistently. And if you are going to be successful at doing anything, you have to be consistent.

I am not running up the mountain without a map or a plan. Often a lot of us make New Years resolutions or goals and feel we have to do them quickly and all at once otherwise we won’t be successful. But we fail every time. Why? No plan, no direction, no realistic expectations. Mount Gainz is huge-you’re not going to get up there in one day, honey.

I drew a Sherpa (just when you thought I couldn’t make this any cringeier) and that is my reminder to myself that I need direction, and that I need to take guided steps and to plan for unwelcome surprises. You will fall on your way up the the mountain to success, but you have to get up and keep going. One foot in front of the other.

Yours in GAINZ,

Tiffany Zoe

P.S. Just started my youtube channel-come say hi. 🙂 I just posted my New Year’s Resolutions.




Author: Tiffany Zoe


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