Bathing Meryl Streep



Arid is not the word you would first associate with this picture-obviously because you see a man (a gorgeous man) pouring water on a Meryl Streep’s head. Nothing arid about that-at first glance.

For those of you not old enough to know what movie this is from (I was one when this movie was released ok) it is a classic that you need to watch. Right now. It is called ‘Out of Africa.’ A movie that was based on a true storyΒ  about a woman deciding she wants more out of her life, and moves to Africa to tend to a coffee plantation in southern Kenya. She wrote a book documenting her life there which later became this cinematic masterpiece.

Karen Blixen was part of high-society back in Denmark. She had a good life. She was very wealthy-yet she was unhappy. One day, she decided to abandon the comfortable life she knew, and threw herself into the scorching, sweltering African sun.

Her life changed overnight. Now faced with real-life dangers from both man and nature, and the constant uncertainty of living in the African plains, she had to toughen up quickly. She had to face a lion, and trust that she would be okay. And so she was.

My first instinct when I have to face the lions in my life is to run and hide. But it’s always fruitless because if you run, the lion will outrun you and eventually catch you. Sure you could hide up in a tree somewhere and not be noticed for awhile. But you’re still going to need to come down for water at some point. When you take a risk and face your fears, that is precisely when the cold life-giving water will gush out of all the deserts you dwell in.

She took a chance, and was rewarded with profound happiness that she had never experienced in her previous comfortable life. In the photo, we see a woman who is full of joy as she’s having water dumped on her head in a dirty African river. What you don’t see is the landscape around her is quite literally dangerous from all angles and intensified by the heat of the sun. This illustrates the type of joy that can only come from facing your fear, and knowing that you will always be okay-no matter what.

My dream (for real) is to recreate this photo with me in the same river in Kenya. Now I just need to find someone who loves me enough to dump water on my head.

Tiffany Zoe


Food & the ‘L’ Word



My mom would NEVER do that-Why? Because she loves me. Also she could never fool me concerning BEEF.

Anyway-I did a video today on my channel that talks about sugar addiction and emotional eating and how one simple word can really have an impact. It wasn’t something I ever thought I had an issue with-but after closer inspection, I realized I do.

If you have never had emotional attachment to food, then you won’t really know what that’s like. So here are some classic examples that I have of some emotional eating scenarios and behaviors that follow:

  1. Boss wants you to stay late. An issue has suddenly come up with a crazy 2 day deadline and you have to stay late until it is finished. You come home, take off boots and stand at the counter shoveling saltines with grape jelly down your gullet as you panic about how to finish this project.
  2. Have an argument with a family member/spouse/friend. Drink Sprite until you are full of crisp clarity that the unresolved argument didn’t give you.

Obviously-food doesn’t fix an emotional problem. Does that stop us from trying ? No. Which is why we have to be careful of how we use our words when we talk about food. Specifically the word, ‘Love.’

I will be the first to tell you, I ‘LOVE’ a million types of foods. I am an armchair chef, and I am very passionate about cooking. I also show others that I love them THROUGH cooking. I want to nourish the heart as well as the body. So I get that. But we have to remember that food is just that-nourishment. It is not a friend. It is not a stress reliever. It is neither ‘kind’ or ‘loving.’ It just simply, ‘is.’ By replacing the word, ‘love’ with, ‘enjoy’ we are cutting that emotional tie.

When we emotionally eat, we are looking for comfort. We are looking for stress relief. We are looking for sweetness. All of these things can be provided by food-but only temporarily and not in the format we need.

So for this week-the goal is to replace ‘love’ with ‘enjoy.’ By doing this-we keep our relationship with our food professional. πŸ˜‰

Tiffany Zoe

You can listen to me ramble on about it in this video here. Hope this helps-and hope you have a great day!


Canadian Tire-Replacing Wiper Blades


Ok-I get that these are supposed to be one word prompts to probably help people do creative writing etc. But for me, whatever comes to mind in my current daily life-I talk about. Today: Replacing Wiper Blades. It’s deep. It’s introspective. It was also kind of expensive. It’s also a part of my life that I unfortunately blunder through: cars.

Sometimes we go through life expecting other people to either know or do things for us, and we’re willing to pay them so we don’t have to learn. Whether that be your hair, nails, computer programming, oil changes, personal training-the list goes on. I tried to cut my hair once (‘how hard can it be?’ she said to herself) and it was a disaster. I looked like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber. Does that mean we should give up learning and pay someone else to do it? Not for everything-definitely not for cars. Unless you’re Oprah rich.

Listen-I take full responsibility for my learned car helplessness. I don’t want to be a damsel in distress at the side of the road waiting for some dude to change my tire. I want to make the decision in 2017 to know some car stuff-and feel less dumb. So I guess I’ll start here-with wiper blades.

I had to buy wiper blades for the front and rear of a Mitsubishi Endeavor. My first thought was to go to Canadian Tire, but I kind of wish I would have done a price check first. They’ve made it really easy to get new wiper blades now-you basically type it in to this computer and it gives you all the options you need. I’ve replaced wiper blades before-so at least I can do that myself. Small victories first.

I want to make a regular series on my channel titled, ‘Women & Wheels’ where I learn about and talk about different car-related things. As a woman, I feel like cars are not typically a realm for us to be found in. However-in 2017 I am taking control of the information available to me, and I want to share what I learn, and make it easier for other folks like myself. Here is my video where I talk about my history with vehicles *shudder* and what kind of goals I’m trying to achieve.

Let’s learn together! Please stop by and say hi. πŸ™‚ And if you have any expertise with online resources I can use to learn more about mechanics, please let me know.

Tiffany Zoe

Make Your Own Dog!



I think the daily prompts lately are rigged. Are you guys following me around and basing the prompts off my life? #unlikelyconspiracies

Waking up this morning to see that the daily prompt was, ‘craft’ was delightful. Finally…the time came where I could show the world how I made my own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This photo is of my mother’s dog. His name is Finn. We all lovingly call him, ‘Finny Finn.’ My level of obsession with this breed has been now magnified by the fact I happily spent two hours making this little clay figurine.I also own a cavalier named Copper. I am going to create a little clay Copper next so I’ll post that on here when I’m done. I have mentioned him in my volunteer article, which talks about how to pick a volunteering activity that is best suited for you.

I have really started to get back into creating things with my hands which is something I haven’t done in years. I used to make a lot of these small type figurines and give them away to friends. The great thing about these mini clay sculptures is that it is an affordable, unique gift. I get the brand Sculpey oven-bake clay from Michael’s. They are $2.79 per brick and come in over 50 colours. I typically use 2-3 of them for a 5 inch sculpture. I just looked on Michael’s website and they’re having a 30% regular priced items which also helps.

Since we’re all crafty-I challenge you to create a Sculpey figurine. If you have dog lovers in your life, this is a great gift to make for someone to keep on their desk at work to remind them of their precious fur baby.

If you make or craft anything, please share :)-I love seeing what people make.

Tiffany Zoe

I post my January favorites where I feature my clay dog, and a DIY hand scrub that I made and some cool Canadian stuff-come say hi. πŸ™‚


All By Myself (Don’t Wanna Be…)



When I saw the prompt of the day-I immediately thought of ‘All By Myself’ by Celine Dion. Because I’m Canadian, I naturally know all the words. LITERALLY the first thing I did was passionately hit my chest and screeched my way to that top note in the line, ‘Don’t wanna be…all by myself…ANYMOOOOOOORE.’ I am glad that I was all by myself when I did that as I would have shattered ear drums as well as expectations.

Because the melody sounds quite dismal and sad, I think we often think that being alone is synonymous with unhappiness. If you don’t go out on Friday night to some trendy rooftop bar, and if you don’t post 100 photos posing with your pals on Instagram, then you aren’t living your ideal happy life. I’ll keep my $300 instead of spending it on overpriced drinks and cab fare, thanks.

There is definitely a stigma that is attached to being alone, and doing things alone. I am introverted and I have a time limit of how long I can be around other people, so I am actually relaxed and happy when I am alone. That’s not to say I don’t need social interaction with family and friends (I do) but not as much as someone else might. However, the idea that being alone is synonymous with being unhappy is absurd, and here’s why…

I remember telling a friend that I actually enjoy going to the movies alone, hiking alone, and going to dinner alone. She was shocked. She said she would never-because, ‘people would judge her.’ In that moment, I immediately felt sorry for her. I have done so many interesting things in my life-and if the stipulation was that I can only do them if someone else was present for fear of judgement, I wouldn’t have done ANY of them. How many things are you going to miss out on because you don’t want to do it alone? Nobody in this world has the power to create your happiness. You are the ONLY person who is capable of making you happy.

When there are no outside influences, and you’re not waiting around for anybody to think for you, make decisions for you, or judge you, you actually become more, ‘You.’ You become, ‘You-ier’ if you will. Your sense of self becomes more refined and defined as you cultivate passions and interests that make you happy. When you live your authentic ‘you-ier’ passionate self, people notice-and they are attracted to it. The irony in this is you will actually end up having more friends if you commit to some regular alone time.

So just this one time, Celine Dion is wrong-you should want to be by yourself sometimes. Regularly scheduled solitude is good for you.

Tiffany Zoe

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