Make Your Own Dog!



I think the daily prompts lately are rigged. Are you guys following me around and basing the prompts off my life? #unlikelyconspiracies

Waking up this morning to see that the daily prompt was, ‘craft’ was delightful. Finally…the time came where I could show the world how I made my own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This photo is of my mother’s dog. His name is Finn. We all lovingly call him, ‘Finny Finn.’ My level of obsession with this breed has been now magnified by the fact I happily spent two hours making this little clay figurine.I also own a cavalier named Copper. I am going to create a little clay Copper next so I’ll post that on here when I’m done. I have mentioned him in my volunteer article, which talks about how to pick a volunteering activity that is best suited for you.

I have really started to get back into creating things with my hands which is something I haven’t done in years. I used to make a lot of these small type figurines and give them away to friends. The great thing about these mini clay sculptures is that it is an affordable, unique gift. I get the brand Sculpey oven-bake clay from Michael’s. They are $2.79 per brick and come in over 50 colours. I typically use 2-3 of them for a 5 inch sculpture. I just looked on Michael’s website and they’re having a 30% regular priced items which also helps.

Since we’re all crafty-I challenge you to create a Sculpey figurine. If you have dog lovers in your life, this is a great gift to make for someone to keep on their desk at work to remind them of their precious fur baby.

If you make or craft anything, please share :)-I love seeing what people make.

Tiffany Zoe

I post my January favorites where I feature my clay dog, and a DIY hand scrub that I made and some cool Canadian stuff-come say hi. 🙂


Author: Tiffany Zoe


4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Dog!”

    1. Hey Sascha! Thanks so much-your puppy is really cute too. 🙂 It’s really easy and straightforward I promise. If you go to Michaels (or if you’re from USA Hobby Lobby I’m sure carries Sculpey too.) You can pick up clay tools (I think $7) right beside the clay. And the baking instructions are right on the package. But-you’ve got me thinking I should make a YouTube video about it-so I will do that! Happy Sunday

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