Food & the ‘L’ Word



My mom would NEVER do that-Why? Because she loves me. Also she could never fool me concerning BEEF.

Anyway-I did a video today on my channel that talks about sugar addiction and emotional eating and how one simple word can really have an impact. It wasn’t something I ever thought I had an issue with-but after closer inspection, I realized I do.

If you have never had emotional attachment to food, then you won’t really know what that’s like. So here are some classic examples that I have of some emotional eating scenarios and behaviors that follow:

  1. Boss wants you to stay late. An issue has suddenly come up with a crazy 2 day deadline and you have to stay late until it is finished. You come home, take off boots and stand at the counter shoveling saltines with grape jelly down your gullet as you panic about how to finish this project.
  2. Have an argument with a family member/spouse/friend. Drink Sprite until you are full of crisp clarity that the unresolved argument didn’t give you.

Obviously-food doesn’t fix an emotional problem. Does that stop us from trying ? No. Which is why we have to be careful of how we use our words when we talk about food. Specifically the word, ‘Love.’

I will be the first to tell you, I ‘LOVE’ a million types of foods. I am an armchair chef, and I am very passionate about cooking. I also show others that I love them THROUGH cooking. I want to nourish the heart as well as the body. So I get that. But we have to remember that food is just that-nourishment. It is not a friend. It is not a stress reliever. It is neither ‘kind’ or ‘loving.’ It just simply, ‘is.’ By replacing the word, ‘love’ with, ‘enjoy’ we are cutting that emotional tie.

When we emotionally eat, we are looking for comfort. We are looking for stress relief. We are looking for sweetness. All of these things can be provided by food-but only temporarily and not in the format we need.

So for this week-the goal is to replace ‘love’ with ‘enjoy.’ By doing this-we keep our relationship with our food professional. 😉

Tiffany Zoe

You can listen to me ramble on about it in this video here. Hope this helps-and hope you have a great day!



Author: Tiffany Zoe


3 thoughts on “Food & the ‘L’ Word”

  1. Aaah, sugar addiction! When I told my friend I had sugar addiction, she felt I was exaggerating and whatnot. But I knew. The first step to recovery is always admitting it first.
    Great read! I Enjoy food. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading! And I see you said ‘enjoy’! You get a gold star 🙂 Sugar addiction is very real as we both know. If you haven’t watched Dr. Lustig’s talk on sugar on youtube-definitely check it out. Life changing info.

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