Take The Rolls-Royce


“When things don’t happen right away just remember, it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota.”


Let’s pretend for a moment that I could trade in my crappy toaster on wheels (2005 Dodge SX2.0..I apologize) for a beautiful brand new car. I could choose between the Rolls, and the Toyota Camry (#momcars) but here would be the catch: I could drive away the Toyota today, but I would have to wait for the Rolls for 6 months. Would you wait for the best life has to offer? Or would you accept the ‘OK’ version?

Now if you talk to any crappy car owner, they would jump at the chance to own any new vehicle period. Regardless of model or make-even a new Dodge. (I’m a Dodge owner- I reserve the right to be salty.) But if someone made you this Rolls-Royce offer, you would absolutely take it. Everyone would take it. Why? Because it’s better. The best things always takes time. Not just cars, but everything. It took J.R.R. Tolkien 12 years to write ‘The Hobbit.’ It took James Cameron 12 years to make the movie ‘Avatar.’ It takes two days to make bagels (the Rolls-Royce of bread.) ‘Good things come to those who wait’ is fine enough for other people, but really-we need it NOW. Actually, we needed it yesterday. We live at a time where ‘life is short’ and you need to do it now.

Let’s place this principle on ourselves. If we want to transform our lives, our relationships, our health, our careers; it cannot happen today. We may not be who we want to be in 6 months or even 6 years. We need to first take small steps in the right direction. We have to put up with waiting (patience is NOT one of my virtues.) We need to go through the daily motions-why? Because we know that if we do, it will make a difference. Small daily changes can transform your life.

Being a piano player, I can relate. Can you play Chopin in two hours? No. And nobody would ever question that. Why? Because truly great things take time and dedication. Do I like to practice? No. It’s drudgery to keep playing the same G and F scales over and over and over again. I get frustrated when my pinky finger seems to be just too short-and I hit two keys at the same time 50 times. However, the more I practice, the more I improve. My fingers hit the keys better. When I practice, my mind and my body become harmonious with my intentions-I intend to be great one day.

Don’t drive through life in a Toyota (sorry mom)-wait for the Rolls.





Everything is Bigger in Texas-Except Tiny Houses.


via Daily Prompt: Tiny

By Tiffany Zoe


I was recently listening to a radio show that was talking about the tiny house movement coming to Alberta (Yes it is a real thing-and yes it makes me smirk) and the benefits it would have for our environment. Being the closeted hipster I am, I champion most things that have to do with the environment-I loved the environment before it was cool. OK that makes me a hypocrite of sorts considering I used to work in the oil and gas industry-but let’s ignore that for a moment and marvel at the environmentally-conscious and adorable idea of the tiny house and some things to consider.

To get a better idea of what the tiny house movement is all about, let’s visit the small town of Spur, Texas. In passing, you may not view Texas as being the most environmentally-friendly state due to the fact it’s also the capital of oil and gas. Spur’s population was declining, and in order to revive the town, they wanted to attract Eco-conscious and do-it-yourselfer types to build their tiny homes there. The town had eliminated all building restrictions, and even had an official proclamation that stated they wanted to be the first town to accept the cute little tiny houses that have been featured on shows such as HGTV’s  ‘Tiny House Hunters’. Enter: People ruining it for everybody.

Because there was no restrictions on what constitutes a ‘house,’ people were building their own houses that were not in fact tiny houses at all. They built yurts, (had to look that one up because that doesn’t sound like something a person could even live in just by the sound of the word alone) straw dwellings, and underground dugouts resembling something out of “Lord of the Rings.” Although I hate the idea of living in a dugout, I do love the idea of dressing up as Gandalf and saying, ‘You Shall Not Pass’ to a mail delivery guy.

I have so many questions-I’ll only leave a couple here. Where does one deliver the mail? I have this image of a beaver den in my mind, and people would have to crawl in to the center somehow to drop off your packages.

How could you set up WiFi in a straw dwelling? Electronic things can burn down a regular house, nevermind a house made of STRAW. (have we learned NOTHING from the Three Little Pigs?)

I digress. The tiny house movement (if they are indeed tiny houses) needs some bylaws attached to it to make it a decent idea. But would I choose to live in one? No. I require space in order to feel relaxed. Also I need other rooms to occasionally hide from door-to-door salesmen.

What are your thoughts on the tiny house movement? Is this something you would want in your city?

Huffing, puffing, and blowing your tiny house down,


I Used To Go Out To Parties


The title refers to one of my favorite songs of all time, ‘Got To Give It Up’ by Mr. Marvin Gaye. The first line describes my life pretty accurately. I used to go out to parties-I no longer do. (Party in a can RIGHT HERE.) However, the last lyrics in the song I would say capture my current state. ‘You got to get it, got to give it up.’

The thing that I ‘got to get’ is satisfaction from something. I have a sense of wanderlust in many aspects of my life and deep inside my brain, and sticking to one thing can be quite difficult to me. Quite often, I will start projects and never finish them. Either because I lose interest, or something else captures my attention. Sometimes I feel like I am the gypsy lady that owned that chocolate shop in the movie ‘Chocolat.’ The wind will blow-and indicate to me that I need to move on. Or do I? I think I am reaching a critical point in my life where I must learn to slow down and truly savor the sweetness.

In order to renew my sense of satisfaction, I need to ‘Give it up.’ I had to finally look around to find things that truly satisfy me. No-not my Golden Girls DVD collection. Not my books with the tattered edges. Not even the funniest internet memes. One thing that gave me satisfaction-was in fact a chubby, red-haired snorting creature with eyes that bug out when I say the word, ‘treat’. Man’s (woman’s in this case) best friend.

I can’t describe the sense of peace and satisfaction I feel when I take him for walks. It’s just he and I and the path ahead of us. My little faithful friend who is there to comfort me when I feel sad, and so excited to see me even I’m away for 5 minutes. He is my treasure.

When I took him to dog parks, some people would mention that he would be a great therapy dog. I didn’t really know much about it, so I looked into it. 6 months later, and an exam-my little snorting friend is now a dog that has a much bigger purpose than just loving me. I just finished my orientation at the Foothills hospital, so that I can share the satisfaction and love I feel, with everyone who is in need of that same type of satisfaction and love. It is so therapeutic to just pet a dog. Sounds too simple-as it is one of those gifts in life that too many of us take for granted. I am truly blessed that I get to meet people in this way-and I can’t wait.

Real treasure in life is sharing your love with others. Volunteering is to ‘give it up.’ If you want to volunteer, but aren’t sure what opportunity would best suit you, here is a tip: examine what it is about yourself that puts you in a state of humility and generosity. When you are able to think of yourself less (humility) and truly give your heart to someone who cannot help you in any way (generosity) I feel you will be satisfied in the volunteer opportunity you choose. Also on the flip-side, others will benefit greatly from what deeply satisfies your heart. It’s a win-win.

My furry friend just put his paw on my arm as I type this. I forgot that it is ‘treat o’clock’.

Thank you to ALL volunteers in all fields who make this world a better place. And a very special thank you to all the volunteers in life who go unnoticed.

Tiffany Zoe